FAQ: Is my coffee correctly ground, to make the best espresso? Check this so you can test it and be sure:

1. Fill your Sealpod capsule with your ground coffee, applying minimum pressure to tamp it.
2. Seal it with your Sealpod Espresso Lids and make a ristretto (25ml - the first button at most Nespresso® machines)
3. Measure how much time it took for the extraction of your coffee: If it is more than 20 seconds (25 is the best), you have the optimum grind! If your coffee comes out very fast, the grind you have is too coarse. If your Nespresso® machine blocks and stops the extraction, the grind is too fine.

It is that simple! Enjoy your own coffee!

Hint: Descale regularly your Nespresso® machine in order to get the best coffee extraction!