How many times can I use a SealPod capsule?

Our capsules are made of stainless steel and, with normal use, can be used forever!


Where can I buy your products?

Our products are sold in our e-shop and cooperating shops around Greece and Cyprus. Check it here!


If you don’t find one in your area, we will be glad to recommend us to the coffee shop in your neighborhood and expand our network!


What material is the lid of the capsule? What if it spoils?

The lid of the capsule is a disposable sticker made of aluminum. This way the capsule works exactly like Nespresso® disposable capsules: the lid gets pierced when the pressure inside the capsule reaches the desired level. This ensures that the coffee will have the right crema and that your capsules will last forever!

All packages include 100 sticker lids and you can buy new ones from our e-shopor at our network of stores.


How many grams of coffee fits the capsule?

The capsule holds about 5 grams of coffee, about as much as the Nespresso® capsules.