There are many varieties of coffee but two are the main categories: Arabica and Robusta.

The Arabica variety is the most fragrant of the two but has less caffeine. The taste is soft and full and it is prefered by those who drink their coffee light and aromatic. Although it is called Arabica, it grows in Africa, New Guinea and South America.

The Robusta variety has more caffeine and its taste is stronger and more bitter. This variety is traditionally used to make the Italian espresso because it gives a full body and rich crema to the coffee. It is cultivated in Africa, Brazil and Indonesia but Vietnam is the leading exporter of Robusta.

Apart from these two main categories, there are many others, which differ depending on the producing country, the region, the cultivation, the crop, as in wine.

The main producing countries are Brazil, producing several varieties known for their balanced aroma and sweet flavor that lasts, Vietnam, known for its Robusta varieties, India, with some of the most aromatic Robusta varieties in the world, Costa Rica, with varieties known for their brilliance and strong flavor, Kenya, producing high quality Arabica with a​ sweet taste, pleasant body and intense aroma, Guatemala, with Arabica varieties that differ in acidity and bitterness according to at what altitude they grow, Ethiopia, the country where Arabica was first cultivated and producer of varieties with exotic, rich flavor, heavy body and spicy aroma, Colombia, mainly producing the varieties Supremo and Excelsior known for​ their rich flavor, Jamaica, producer of Blue Mountain, one of the most rare and expensive​ coffees in the world, Mexico, with some of the best coffee varieties that exist, and​ Indonesia, known for the Java variety which has low acidity, spicy aroma and creamy flavor.

 All options are open to try and experiment, and you can make it using your Nespresso®!