Safe for Your Nespresso® OriginalLine™ Machine

Sealpod Patented Design

Patented design is safe for Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines

Your Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machine needs three piercing blades. If you want to know whether your Nespresso machine will work with Sealpod, first brew a cup of espresso with the original disposable capsule. If the base of the capsule has three holes in it, Sealpod should work with your machine.

Sealpod refillable capsules have a shorter design than the disposable capsules. The machine blade never touches our reusable pod. The unique design of our capsules will not damage your Nespresso machine when used as instructed.

Note: Some older Nespresso OrigialLine machines only have one piercing blade, and therefore only create one hole at the base of the capsule. If your machine only has one blade, do not use it with Sealpod capsules. Sealpod capsules are not compatible with Nespresso® VirtuoLine™.