Upgrade the working environment of your business while reducing your operating costs

Did you know that you can offer your staff and customers a high quality espresso at the price of a filter coffee?

The Sealpod™ system, in combination with Nespresso® OriginalLine ™ coffee machines, allows you to enjoy the coffee of your choice, which you can buy at market prices, just like the filter coffee.

The Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines have excellent technical characteristics and their price starts at 50 € (see here offers from different shops).

The use of disposable capsules for a company with only four employees, who consume an average of three doses of coffee a day, costs about 1350 € per year (assuming 250 days). If the same company uses our system and coffee that costs 20 € per kilo, the annual cost would be about € 510, saving 840 €! For businesses with more than four persons, the numbers are really impressive!

You can now upgrade the working environment of your business while making savings and without wasting used capsules!

To calculate the benefits for your own business see here.


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Contact us at info@brewyourowncoffee.com to discuss the best solution for your business. We offer special prices for companies with large numbers of staff.

* Due to EU regulations for intra-Community transactions between Companies, purchases from companies based in Greece are without VAT.