The process of making your coffee with the blend of your choice is one of the greatest pleasures the Sealpod system offers you!

Even more fun is the rich authentic flavour and thick crema of your espresso! The Sealpod capsules are of the very few reusable capsules that can produce coffee with a rich body and thick cream.

 To achieve the perfect coffee for you will take a little experimentation to achieve the right grind, which is important in the coffee making, but this too is part of the pleasure!

 Follow the instructions below to have the perfect espresso:

 -       Use the option of fine grinding but not too fine (powder), if you grind your coffee. If you buy ground coffee from a coffee shop, ask for a thickness of 0.4 - 0.5 mm, which is suitable for standard home espresso machines. Very fine grinding is not suitable because the density within the capsule will be very big, thus unable to receive the proper amount of water and the machine might block. Very coarse grinding on the other hand will extract very fast and the outcome will not be the required. In general, you can try your grinding by measuring the time required for the extraction of a ristretto cup (25ml). If it takes 20-25" you have a perfect grind.

Espresso Grinder Settings

Fine Espresso Grind

-       The type of grinder can also affect the operation of the capsule. We propose the use of mills with conical grinding disks (burr) and not those with blades. The cutting blades leave coffee powder residues which may block the operation of the capsule.

Burr GrinderBurr grinderBlade GrinderBlade grinder


If you prefer pre-ground coffee, notice the sign on the back of the pack. The coffee should be suitable for the traditional Italian coffee pot (mocha) and is indicated as


And remember: the best espresso made with freshly roasted coffee blend!